Logos Have a Powerful Impact on Consumers

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Companies are known to spend millions of dollars coming up with the best kind of logo for their businesses. A weak logo that cannot stand out to the consumers is a huge drawback to businesses. For instance, in 2010, when the GAP Company decided to change their logo, they received quite a lot of harsh feedback from their shareholders and consumers.

Recent researches show that a logo is based on more than just its looks. It not only makes up for its outer appearance but also its representation and symbolism towards the Company and its products. Moreover people make a decision towards a brand based on the shape of the Company’s logo.

Marketing strategies have shown that business logos that are in a much more circular shape provide a sort of softness, whereas a much more angular shape is given a hardness effect to the business. A soft look towards a Company’s logo gives a portrayal of care, sensitivity and a lot more warmth towards the customers’ needs.

Therefore research predicts, that those logos that have a much more circular shape are seen as a product with great comfort level, however the ones with an angular shape are seen as products with a higher durability level. Researchers also predict that the logos tend to have an impact on broader perceptions, such as the customer services of a company.

An experiment was carried out with a sample of 109 college students, in which they were asked to rate a new pair of shoes based on certain qualities. The students were assigned randomly to three separate groups, one that had an angular logo, one with a circular logo and the other with no logo at all.  They were then given a rating scale based on comfort, durability and quality of the shoe.

The results showed that participants who were assigned to the circular logo rated the shoes as being highly comfortable, while the participants assigned to the angular logo rated the shoes as being more durable compared to the other two. The research hypothesized that visual memory played a great role in the rating of these shoes.

Another study carried out showed that logos and branding of products to have a great impact and influence on decision making. Price promotions and customer services are not the only things enough to gain customer support. A good brand design is important to make the product unique.
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