4 Key Mistakes You Might Be Making When Designing Your Logo with

Free Logo Maker Software

Free Logo Maker Software

Statistics show that an average person stumbles across 5000 logos each day. This is because pretty much every product we use has a logo, including our food, toothpaste, and clothing. Many businesses and companies are making a killing off consumers because they designed splendid logos. Others are losing big time because of their poorly designed logos.

You can make your business logo sparkle by highlighting what you’re offering, including their features via a scintillating logo design that is both compelling and memorable. It’s should be so compelling that your potential customers can’t help but check out what you’re offering. Sadly, most business owners make grave mistakes when creating their logo designs and this makes them lose out on great opportunities. These are the 4 grave mistakes most people make when designing their business logos:

1) Most people make the mistake of drawing up their business logos themselves before using free logo download software

While you can design a logo yourself using logo maker generator, it’s not recommended. You probably don’t have impeccable design skills or the eye of a logo designer to create something that will impact customers. The thing is; you can’t base your logo on your preferred color or your favorite image during childhood. Your business will be targeting different customers of different demographics, so you need someone who knows those demographics to create a logo that will appeal to them. So leave such an important task of logo creation to the experts.

2) Not putting your customer in mind when designing a logo using a logo maker generator

Your customers should be your priority when designing your logo. After all, they are the main reason you are in business. Most people fail with their logos because they base it on their taste only. The first task to creating a logo is knowing your company’s main features. Next is to know your target audience because your audience needs to see it and love it. This underscores the importance of knowing your target demographics before designing your logo.

3) Mimicking your competitors is the worst mistake you can make when using log maker generator to create your logo

Copying your completion’s logo design is the worst mistake you can make as a business owner. Customers know almost all company logos off by heart. So copying will erode your brand credibility and increase that of the competitor. You can get inspiration from great logos out there, but don’t just copy them.

4) Over-complicating things is the worst mistake you can make when designing a logo using logo maker generator

You can be tempted to come up with something that showcases your logo design skills. However, when you try to get too complicated, your logo design may not cut it. The problem with an over-complicated logo is that it can’t fit all situations, like web and print. Plus, when you try to scale it down, you can easily lose it details and erode its usefulness. This explains why most small and large businesses go for simple logo designs. Simple logo designs create instant impact (customers can perceive what the logo is about instantly), have high-recall value (allows customers to remember it as long as the business exists) and can be reproduced easily (many businesses want to reproduce their logos in any size for various marketing campaigns, such as flyers, billboards, television, print and so on)


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Avoid these mistakes and you will turn out a high-quality, unique, impactful and memorable logo for your business. Unique is the most important word here. Once you have a unique logo, everything else will follow.